So you want to go vegan but LOVE cheese…

For everybody there is something which is hard to give up… when becoming vegan there is a lot of giving up, lots to gain but also lots to give up!

So you want to go vegan but love cheese? What should you do? Go vegan and eat cheese, in my opinion! If the only thing stopping you is cheese keep the cheese ditch everything else! You will still be making a huge difference! 

Vegans can be, shall we say, a little bit judgemental. I get it totally once you have made that switch and you feel how you feel about the environment and the abuse and suffering of animals and even the health benefits and you are sacrificing your formally favourite foods why can’t everybody? Why should they get to eat cheese… of course it could be that chocolate is their Achilles heel, or cream or butter, whatever it is how do you deal with it?

I would say make all the other changes and sticking to the cheese theme eat the cheese. Once you are secure in all those other things think again about the cheese! Think of the animals saved ’cause you didn’t eat them, think of the message you sent out by refusing to spend your dosh on all other animal products. You are still voting with your £ or $ or whatever your currency. Its a big change don’t not make those changes because of your cheese addiction!

Continue to research and fact find about the suffering of animals, including dairy animals, cut down your cheese consumption use alternatives where you can. I think vegan cream cheese is a great sub but vegan cheddar turns my stomach! Keep trying to cut back and eventually cut it out but accept that it could take time and in the meantime, you are still making so many worthwhile changes!

I was definitely a cheese addict! It was a stumbling block for me, my biggest hurdle and here’s how I handled it! I had cheese when I was out but not at home and I defended my choice passionately but I knew I wanted to conquer this!

I got the rest of veganism pretty much sorted and then I tackled the cheese. I researched and came up with these interesting facts.

  • Cheese is addictive! This article talks about cheese triggering the same part of the brain as opiate drugs! I have read that a protein found in cheese, casomorphine, act as mild opiates. These proteins ensure that the baby calf keeps coming back to its mother for another hit! Ensuring the rapid growth of her calf. It seems to ensure we keep coming back for more and it was definitely a factor in my rapid growth!!!
  • Milk and therefore cheese contains hormones. These are naturally occurring but its not clear what impact these extra hormones have on us.
  • There are no antibiotics in dairy. Dairy is tested and there must be no trace of antibiotics or it is not fit for human consumption.
  • There is an allowable amount of blood and pus in milk!
  • Cows are still killed for dairy. If you aren’t the right sex you will be killed! The life span of a cow is 20 years but because of the perpetual and intensive milking, exhausted and exploited cows are killed at around 5 years a quarter of their natural lifespan!
  • Dairy farming is oppressive and cruel. Cows are impregnated on a ‘rape wrack’ via artificial insemination and their calf will be taken at a day old. We know cows bond with their calves and cry for days for them after they are gone.
  • The dairy industry contributes massively to the destruction of our planet through waste and crop growing for feed, it even causes the destruction of the rainforest.

So you see you might not be able to help being addicted to cheese, so if that is your tough nut to crack save it until the end! I did my research and I understood the pain the cows were going through and the destruction to the planet but I am ashamed to say I still ate cheese however as I kept researching I couldn’t do it any longer and I found the way to ride out my cravings was to envisage the cheese with ‘an allowable amount of blood and pus in it’ I literally created a visual in my mind of streaks of green pus and red blood running through the cheese and I never looked back!

I don’t even miss cheese now. I don’t like vegan cheese it just doesn’t taste right to me, hubby loves it! Apparently, the clever people, are making strides to make better cheeses and have identified what makes cheese so yummy but they have yet to develop a synthetic protein that will do the job, hurry up peeps we need this!  I make a great pasta with cashew cheesy sauce, and I love it its a great flavour as my son in law said ‘it tastes great in its own right but doesn’t fool me that its cheese!’

So whatever holds you back from being vegan … go vegan but eat it! Make all those other changes, make a difference in all those other areas then tackle you nemeses head-on, don’t wait until you can give up that one last thing to give up the rest, start today, use what you have and do what you can.

Be proud of those changes and remember we are all a work in progress, all on a journey and all, hopefully, doing our best … be your best and your best today might be different from your best tomorrow. xx



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