Is it hard to be vegan?

We get asked this a lot in varying guises… and the short answer is ‘no not really!’ but there’s more to say than that! We are HIGHLY motivated to live a vegan lifestyle, we are very passionate about animal rights issues and the environment AND our health. This makes it a lot easier to be positive about a lifestyle change. I think if we were vegan purely for the sake of the way we looked we would fall short, since we aren’t bothered enough! But we are fully committed to saving animals pain and suffering for our gain and in saving our beautiful planet from our destruction. This is what keeps us going when it gets a bit tricky.

So is it hard to be vegan? In the beginning it can be a challenge especially if you go from meat eater to vegan its a bit easier if you are already a veggie! There are so many vegan options out there and so much information, loads of recipes and convenience its so much easier that it used to be.

So lets answer some more questions within this question!

Is being Vegan expensive? That really depends! Food wise if you stick to simple homemade meals then definitely not BUT if you want to heavily replace with foods that are like their animal based counterparts then it can be more expensive. Vegan ice-cream, for example, is usually more expensive, the vegan ‘chicken nuggets’ we buy for our children are a little more expensive and you don’t seem to get the bulk buy offers so much.

But your standard vegan curry or soup or jacket potato and beans, stir fry or vegan roast dinner I don’t find these to be more expensive and in fact often cheaper!

There are so many recipes books and recipes online that you can’t fail to be inspired! Check out our recipes on here and above all else get creative!

Clothes, shoes and non edible product wise can be more! We don’t wear leather shoes but at the moment our shoes aren’t vegan approved so may mean the glue has animal products in! We are a work in progress so we do our best! We try not to buy so much! and we are beginning to replace, when we need to, with vegan ethical products! Vegan ethical apparel is more expensive! We also buy from charity shops to lessen waste and although we wouldn’t buy leather goods, we feel at the moment that this is quite a mindful way to buy and we just avoid obviously non vegan goods!

Personal care items … we look for vegan, eco friendly products that haven’t been tested on animals! It can take a bit of research but we find that if we don’t panic buy then it works! For example once our usual shampoo started to run out we began to look around for a vegan, eco friendly alternative and now use shampoo bars! Less waste, less cruelty and less toxic substances going on us or down the drain! We also use Superdrug own brand vegan makeup and skincare products. They are a little bit more expensive but we find we don’t buy so many different types of products ‘just to try’ or ‘just because its on offer!’ so in the end we are buying less and our personal care routines are simplified … less is more!

Is it hard to eat out?

This is two part! Eating out at family and friends took a little bit of educating on their part! but it wasn’t hard it usually went something like this… ‘Oh God I have no idea what to cook for you guys!’ and we would reply ‘shall we bring a dish to share? you do a curry for the meat eaters and we will do a vegan curry for everyone to try or would you like me to send over some recipes’ They all seem to enjoy doing us quality vegan food AND some have introduced vegan recipes to their week! [They tell me it saves them money!]

Eating ‘out out’

We always check out the menu before hand to make sure we can eat there. Most eating places have vegan options and its usually delicious food! Even MacDonald veggie wrap is vegan! It is definitely getting easier!

Is it healthier being vegan?

From the research we have done it seems it is healthier! If you think about it the Vegan diet relies heavily on fruit and veggies, pulses, seeds and grains! It removes heavy animal fats like cheese and creams. It is possible to eat a very unhealthy vegan diet … vegan sweets, desserts, vegan ‘junk’ food … it is definitely possible to be an unhealthy vegan! Its all about making good choices but in general it seems a vegan diet is healthier.

There are some excellent documentaries around which show how animal products affect our long term health. Check out ‘Cowspiracy’ ‘Fat sick and nearly Dead’ and ‘What The Health’ there are plenty more.

My advice for people thinking of going vegan would be ‘do it!’ Always remember your reasons for choosing a vegan lifestyle and just do your best if you mess up or you can’t get EVERYTHING right all at once just keep making adjustments … don’t be judgy … don’t judge yourself or others! Share your message and thoughts with dignity and kindness and remember its a journey! We are constantly evaluating and trying to be ‘more vegan’ but not in a heavy hearted way in a way that allows us to grow as humans and accept we aren’t perfect!

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