How do I host non-vegans for the weekend?

We have an exciting weekend coming up celebrating my son’s EP launch check it out! ! It’s his first and although we won’t see that much of him, except at the show, we are hosting meat eating family for much of the weekend!

How do I host non-vegans for the weekend? I have a tolerant family who doesn’t bitch and moan about us being vegan! We are respectful back but, of course, we don’t serve meat in our home! I spend time before our visitors arrive making a menu plan and prepping so it all goes smoothly! I aim to crowd out what they might miss with new flavours and experiences! Read on to see my weekend food plans! 

Being respectful!

I know of vegan bloggers who refuse to eat with family if they are going to eat meat. We personally will eat alongside meat eaters eating meat, obviously, we will eat vegan!

If we are at a restaurant everyone chooses their own dish and we are fine with it.

If we go to someone’s home we will offer to bring our own food but most people will cater to us and maybe eat the same or maybe have a meat dish!

If they come to our home it is vegan all the way!

We value relationships and won’t shame or harass others but are happy to discuss our choices and reasons! We don’t believe we will convert people by being confrontational and also it is not who we are and we want to stay true to ourselves! The guy who refuses to eat with his family unless they eat vegan is probably being true to himself and I am definitely not putting him down but its not ‘us’ and it would confuse people!

So we choose to discuss and inform and show in our lives a different way! We also try to serve up yummy vegan food so there is no room for people to feel dissatisfied! When we ate meat I would plan for guests and prep etc and now we are vegan I do the same!

So what’s on the menu?

Friday night…

  • Quorn vegan five-grain fillets, baby potatoes and a selection of veg!
  • Followed by vegan magnum ice lollies … have you tried them? OMG amazing! So this is a simple and quick meal ’cause it’s going to be a crazy rush!
  • If traffic delays people and we are super rushed [read stressed!] then we will be hitting Mcdonalds right across from the venue where we will eat the vegan wrap and let everyone else sort themselves out!

Saturday is brunch day!  I have always loved a good English brunch and here is my vegan version!

  • Linda Macartney rosemary and red onion sausages! These are awesome, so firm and flavourful!
  • Baked beans we just use a supermarket brand and check they are vegan!
  • Button mushrooms, I marinate them in soy sauce and a splash of water and then heat them in a saucepan in the juice, the soy sauce gives them a rich flavour and also the sauce keeps them moist!
  • Fried red onion
  • Hash brown, again supermarket own and vegan! I just don’t have it in me to make my own but I am sure there are some great recipes out there!
  • Tofu scramble! I kid you not this is piggin’ lush! Vegans and non-vegans alike are loving on this! Such a great protein source and so easy to make! It is great on toast or chuck the mushrooms and onion into it and maybe some vegan cheese for a tasty scramble/smashed omelette! Delicious check out the recipe here!
  • We will have squeezed orange juice with it and coffee.

Saturday dinner!

  • I’m a lazy cook and I get really tired! So dinner was…
  • Basic salad
  • Beetroot
  • Coleslaw which is cabbage and carrot sliced mixed with vegan mayo and vegan salad cream… I add a bit of salad cream to give it a tang but not too much as I love the creaminess of the mayo!
  • Potato salad with chives … again I mix up salad cream and mayo for the sauce.
  • Garlic bread … Sainsbury’s basic one is vegan!
  • A selection of vegan pizzas … we get a Goodfella one from Sainsbury and they carry a few others too so we will grab a good selection.
  • Following this with Lemon cupcakes see the recipe here!

Sunday is departure day so we will have a basic breakfast toast and coffee then for those who are around I will make ahead of time my vegan  one pot savoury mince and I will get some crusty rolls!

Keeping it vegan!

Keeping it vegan in your own home when you have guests needn’t be hard and there are so many ‘cheats’ out there for those of us who; can’t be arsed, don’t know how or haven’t the time! As veganism becomes more mainstream it will only get better as well!

I had to accommodate a gluten freer and two very selective eaters! The gluten freer brought their own bread, I made some lemon cupcakes with gluten-free flour, the sausages are gluten-free and I grabbed her a gluten-free vegan pizza. The savoury mince I just made sure I used gluten-free stock and for the soy sauce, I got a gluten-free one!

The selective eaters are my own and I know how to work around them, for the Friday meal they will have it all but one won’t have the veg he will have a raw carrot with his meal! The brunch they will both eat some of it so can select from the choices available and neither will eat the one pot mince! Wet food!!!! So they will have new potatoes and Tesco ‘chicken’ nuggets [vegan] and some carrot. Oh and the Pizza and salad for one of them will be garlic bread carrot and apple and either vegan sausages or nuggets!

Its a challenge sometimes when you have guests especially if you haven’t been vegan for long! Lots of recipes can be veganized but it is challenging to try to forget all your ‘go to’ recipes that you used to pull out with ease but its a lot of fun trying new things and as long as you keep your attitude lighthearted and are willing to just try it and sometimes fail you will be well on your way to a new bank of ‘go to’ recipes to keep everyone fed and happy whilst remaining true to yourself!


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