How can I make my own Almond milk and is it worth it?

Almond milk! … ‘How do you milk an almond?’ ‘Squeeze its nuts!’

I am a tea lover and almond milk is my go to milk for my cuppa! By the way try the tea bags specially blended for plant milk absolutely amazing the difference! PGTips do them I’m sure others do too but PGTips is the one I have tried!

So how can I make my own almond milk and is it worth it? The recipe is below and it is super easy and well worth it! It is delicious, there is less waste and its probably better for you! If we truly believe veganism is a whole lifestyle choice and choice to be kind and do no harm then we must consider our impact on the planet as well as the cruelty to animals.  Read on my friends and get milking those nuts!

I am trying to reduce waste in the home and use a fair amount of almond milk cartons, I also wanted to keep my diet as low in processed foods as possible so I decided to try making my own almond milk!

Almond Milk

2 cups almonds

1.5 litres of water

A little salt

I soak the almonds for a few hours, sometimes over night depends on how much time I have… apparently it makes them easier to digest. Then I put the almonds in my blender and I either throw the water or water my plants with it. I add the fresh water to my blender and a couple of pinches of salt and blend! Then it gets a little messy!

I strain the almond milk through a muslin square… I use an unbleached one I got from Amazon [link]. I save the almond pulp for some raw recipes, but you could equally compost it. I then transfer my milk to a lidded jug and pop it in the fridge. I rinse of the muslin and then pop it in the washing machine to wash when I have a full load.

I love it, its creamier than the ones I buy and obviously I know exactly what’s gone into making it, I have less waste – no carton- and I am sure I will have used less energy making it myself. I have seen people sweeten it with dates but I am not a fan of sweetened milks, so this is just perfect for us.

Each time you use it you will need to shake it up as it separates but the cartons say to do that anyway.

I use this almond milk in my drinks, smoothies and recipes. If you want to make another nut milk do everything the same but swap out the almonds for other nuts using the same measurements.

So … tastier, cheaper and kinder to the planet well worth a try!

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