About us

Hi I’m Lisa, full time mom, wife & blogger. My husband Louwrens and I came to veganism fairly late in life and we have been vegan now for a couple of years! We started as vegetarian then moved to mostly vegan and finally vegan, the process took around three years. For us, animal rights were our main ‘beef’ [see what I did there?] We hated the violence and cruelty in animal agriculture and suddenly couldn’t be a part of it anymore. As we researched and got into the vegan culture, we realised the environmental impact animal agriculture has and this fuelled us further! AND let’s not forget the implications to our health and well being that eating animals and animal products has!

We have five children four who are adults and one who is turning ten. The two who live at home are vegetarians and the others are meat eaters but all are more aware of what they are eating from our conversations. We personally believe our children should make these choices for themselves as we did and don’t believe in imposing our beliefs on them, that being said, they know they aren’t getting meat when they come to visit!

We are hoping through this site to educate but not preach and to show our favourite vegan recipies and products and generally share our vegan lifestyle with you.

Welcome and please pull up a chair!