10 Questions Vegans always get asked!

Probably almost all vegans have been asked these questions at some point! Well, probably every time they meet someone new who discovers they are vegan!

I don’t mind answering questions about my veganism but I get frustrated when people ask then talk over me or ridicule me! I am all for an open and frank discussion but it should be mutually respectful!

The other thing that gets on my nerves is the ‘why do vegans always shove their opinions down your throat!’ … you asked dude! Or I am not allowed to talk about my veganism BUT the meat-eaters can make jokes at my expense and spout on to their heart’s content but I say my bit and I’m preachin’!!

So here we are questions for vegans, in no particular order!

1) Where do you get your protein?

Well, we get it from our food just like meat-eaters, nuts, chickpeas, tofu, lentils, plants… its a long list of awesome clean sources! Read this article for a more detailed run down.

I’m not an athlete and when I ate meat I didn’t worry about how much protein I was consuming and now I am a vegan I still don’t worry a balanced diet has me covered!

2) Why do vegans eat fake meat?

I used to love meat, there’s that ‘quote’ ‘I’d be veggie but bacon…’ Usually vegans didn’t give up meat because they didn’t like it, they gave it up because they didn’t like the violence and cruelty associated with it!

I’m grateful for the alternatives out there. Using fake meat means I can still have some of my favourite dishes but without the cruelty and usually a more healthy version! Win-Win!!

3) All the animals will die out if we don’t farm them!’

We could set up nature reserves for the traditional breeds that are close to the wild ancestors we see now. Farmed animals live short lives, they are restricted in what they can do and cannot live out their natural lives or follow their natural instincts, it would be kinder to let them die out than keep them alive since they are so overbred and fragile. They have been bred in a way to serve a purpose, the purpose of feeding humans and providing for us … there is literally no benefit to them in being alive! They have no joy, no chance to breed by choice, or raise their young or run free!

4) Won’t we be overrun with animals if everyone goes vegan?

This won’t happen overnight! Economics will mean that as animals become less profitable farmers will raise fewer its a gradual process of supply and demand!

5) What will the farmers do?

The farmers can continue to farm since we will continue to eat! They will grow edible crops instead of farm animals! Also we continue to fight crime imagine all the criminals mended their ways there would be no police officers! Scientists continue to try to find the cure to illness and sickness if they are successful we won’t need so many healthcare professionals should we stop looking for cures?

6) Aren’t we designed to eat meat?

We actually aren’t! Our jaws are the wrong shape and we are unable to catch, kill and eat meat without tools, weapons, and fire!

Meat used to be a rare part of our diets, not every day and almost every meal! Our digestive system isn’t designed to digest meat efficiently either, its longer than that of obligate carnivores so we can break down plant materials and extract the nutrition. Obligate carnivores have short digestive tracts so the meat can pass through quickly.

7) Lots of animals kill for food so why can’t we?

They do and they are equipped for it, we aren’t! There are lots of things animals do that we don’t replicate! We have the ability to think through our actions and predict the consequences animals don’t, they live to survive!

8) If an animal has had a good life and is killed humanely then it’s ok right?

No! Farm animals DO NOT have a good life! Firstly they will be killed young in order for the meat to be to our taste! Also, they have no choices and freedom to live as animals! They don’t get to raise their young or mate with who they choose and when they choose, their lives are miserable and restricted no matter how you look at it!

Killed humanely this is an oxymoron, right? But let’s use our companion animals for example… if they get sick we take them to the vets if they are going to suffer by staying alive we often opt to have them ‘put to sleep’ this injection literally puts them to death without pain! We can’t do that with animals we want to eat because the poison used isn’t something we would want to digest ourselves! There are no humane ways to slaughter an animal for food! Plus the life it has led up to that point, even if its free-range and grass-fed is a less than life, a short life with no choices or freedom!

9) If you were stuck on a desert island you would have to eat meat to survive, wouldn’t you?

Possibly. However, I would also probably walk around naked and use leaves to wipe my bum! Plus I don’t envisage getting stuck on a desert island and maybe I would choose to die rather than kill and eat an animal who belongs on the island more than I do! It’s a silly argument!

10) Plants scream when they are pulled out of the ground or cut what is the difference!

Oh God!!! Plants have been recorded screaming when they are pulled up or cut BUT it is probably the displacement of gasses which causes it! Plants don’t have pain receptors or a central nervous system, unlike the animals you eat! I know lobsters scream when they are placed in boiling water and it is probably caused by gas escaping rather than an actual vocal scream since they don’t have vocal chords BUT they are thought to be capable of feeling pain so they probably wish they could!

Final thoughts!

As humans, we will use all sorts of arguments to justify our behaviour, even if our behaviour is unhelpful, cruel or just wrong! We also have a tendency to ‘follow the crowd’ so it’s not surprising that when our traditions, way of life or habits are challenged we jump to defend ourselves! Farm animals have no choice they depend on the ‘caregiver’ to keep them going!

All we can do is constantly evaluate the choices and decisions we are making, how are we affecting those around us and the natural world by our decisions and just because the ‘masses’ choose one way doesn’t make it the right way! As we develop and grow so our practices develop and grow… not so long ago it was thought to be ok to segregate blacks and whites! To have slaves and use slave labour! It is OK to change our minds to get a revelation that something we are doing isn’t right! That’s how we have evolved out of downright cruel practices and become more compassionate and its always good to ask questions if your intention is to learn and grow from the answers but its not ok if you just want to mock someone for not choosing the same path as you!




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